Featured Trailers

  • Kiddo

    Directed by Zara Dwinger

  • Roi

    Directed by Rane Tiukkanen

  • Romaissa

    Directed by Fadua El Akchaoui

  • The Hullabaloos

    Directed by Reetta Huhtanen

  • Totem

    Directed by Sander Burger

Latest News

Mini Zlatan and Uncle Darling wins Film Critics’ Prize at 30th International Chrildrens’ Film Festival in Schwäbisch Gmünd.

The 30th International Children’s Film Festival in Schwäbisch Gmünd ended yesterday.The prize of the film critics’ jury for the best children’s film was awarded this year to the film“Mini [...]

EFM Family Line-up 2023

It’s our profound pleasure to announce our super exciting line-up of 5 new European family Features at this year’s European Film Market!The word is out on our “buzz”’ title: “Kiddo”, which [...]

Virtual screening schedule EFM

18.02 – 14:30 – Roi – Virtual Cinema 11 20.02 – 09:00 – Totem – Virtual Cinema 13 20.02 – 10:40 – Romaissa – Virtual Cinema 11 20.02 – 14:30 [...]