The Ghastly Brothers

Fantastical Adventure 105' Belgium 2021



When her boarding school is overrun by badly behaved ghosts, Lilith teams up with oddball paranormal detectives The Ghastly Brothers to rescue her misfit friends and face the fears that spook her happiness.  An imaginative-family adventure.

Teenager Lilith dreams of becoming a paranormal detective, but instead she is sent to boarding school where she makes some quirky new friends, and tries to cope with her mother being thousands of miles away. When the school becomes infested with ghosts, Lilith teams up with oddball professional ghosthunters The Ghastly Brothers. Together, they go head to head against a horde of fearsome spirits and demonic apparitions in a spectacular and eye-popping supernatural battle to save the day. It’s the ultimate haunted adventure about family, friendship and learning to exorcise the personal fears that spook our happiness.

Production Status CompletedOriginal Title De Gebroeders SchimmDuration 105'Genre Fantastical AdventureCountry of Origin BelgiumProduction Year 2021Language Spoken DutchDirector Michael Van OstadeScript Writer Michael & Andrew Van OstadeCast Michael & Andrew Van Ostade, Tine EmbrechtsProducer Tomas Leyers (Mindsmeet)Director of Photography Stefan Van DiestComposer Cosmic Orchestra