• International Emmy Kids Award / 2020
    Winner Best Kids Series


Discover the fun and anarchic adventures of ten-year old Floor and the helpful rules she invents to navigate the chaos of everyday life at home and at school.

Floor is a ten-year old girl who finds it very helpful to make up fun rules for the crazy world around her.

This series is based on Marjon Hoffman’s highly successful books.

Floor’s rules give her the answers to the most important questions in the life of a ten-year old girl. Such as:

How do you deal with an obnoxious brother? What do you do if you receive a disgusting jacket as a gift? What’s the best plan if your best friend gets sick with impetigo and you want it too? And why is carp fishing such a guy thing?

Floor has experienced all of these awkward situations and dilemmas and she’s ready to share her knowledge with the world!

Production Status Completed Original Title De regels van Floor 5 SEASONS Genre Comedy Country of Origin Netherlands Production Year 2018-2024 Language Spoken Dutch Director Maurice Trouwborst Script Writer Marjon Hoffman, Lotte Tabbers Cast Bobbie Mulder, Ferdi Stofmeel, Elisa Beuger, Ole Kroes, Romy Voll Producer Kaja Wolffers, Sabine Brian