Storytime with Sound Effects

Family (animation)13 x 5′2020


  • Festival Kolibri / 2018
    Winner Best Animated series

  • Japan Prize / 2018
    Official Selection Fiction for up to 6 years

  • Festival de Cine en La Isla / 2019
    Official Selection

  • Chilemonsos / 2019
    Official Selection Fiction for up to 6 years


Storytime with Sound Effects gives life to the simple concept of reading aloud, the premise of the series is that sharing stories has great positive effects on us. Live action father and son are the main characters who open and close every animated episode. Together they voice all characters and sound effects in the stories. The characters in the stories are created with gender equality and diversity. The Multiplatform series comes with a website where the stories can be read at home,  a podcast of all episodes and guides of activities adults can do with children.
Through the stories in the series we can enter the preschoolers emotional and academic development while being entertained and different generations can be brought together around the screen and beyond.

Production Status Completed Original Title Cuentazos con Efectazos Duration Episodes 13 x 5′ 2 SEASONS Genre Family (animation) Production Year 2020 Director Dafna Vallejo Manzano Script Writer Max Milfort, Dafna Vallejo, Aseneth Suarez Producer Aseneth Suarez