Rudy’s Crazy Christmas Show

Family (Live Action) 20 x 10' 2020


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Teenage superstar Rudy has his world turned upside down when he meets a family desperate for his help at Christmas.

Rudy (age 13) is a child superstar and his biggest TV show is Rudy’s Crazy Christmas Show, a live TV extravaganza on Christmas Eve. Sara (age 13) is seriously ill and her only hope is an impossibly expensive medical treatment in France. Without a miracle, this might be Sara’s last Christmas.

Sara writes a letter to Rudy asking for help, but receives a generic reply. Her father Rob sets off to find Rudy and accidentally kidnaps him when Rudy gets into his car and falls asleep – thinking it’s a taxi home.

Rob decides to keep Rudy at home. They’ll take care of him and return him unharmed in exchange for a reward. While the whole country panics about the kidnapping, Rudy enjoys a break from his crazy workload and helps Sara to forget about her illness. They both enjoy being ‘normal’ for once.

However, the days are counting down to Rudy’s live Christmas TV show and Sara desperately needs treatment. Everything reaches a dramatic climax on Christmas Eve. Will Sara and her parents get the help they need for Sara’s medical treatment? And what about the police and the kidnapping?

Production Status CompletedDuration Episodes 20 x 10'Genre Family (Live Action)Production Year 2020Director Anna van der HeideScript Writer Luuk van Bemmelen & Martijn HilleniusCast Kylian de Pagter-Colin, Noëlle Simson, Ferdi Stofmeel, Jasmine Sendar, Ruben van der Meer, Nadja HüpscherProducer Sander van Meurs, Iris Otten, Nathalie van der BurgProduction Company Pupkin Co-production Companies VPRO Youth