Remy and Juliyat

Christmas 90' 20 x 10' Netherlands 2019


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When teenagers Remy and Juliyat fall in love, their relationship becomes a flashpoint for conflict between their two families in a town divided over the arrival of asylum seekers.

Two teenagers fall in love, but they’re from two different worlds with very opposite family backgrounds. Remy is intrigued by Juliyat. She’s cool and clever thanks to an eventful and challenging life. Juliyat likes Remy because he’s full of brightness and spontaneity. But being in love in hostile surroundings is no easy task. Desperately, the teenagers try to get together in public and then secretly.

Remy’s father is a struggling single dad and he strongly opposes the asylum centre in their town. Juliyat’s family – who live at the asylum centre – see her as their ticket to fitting in. Remy and Juliyat try to bring both sides together, but don’t succeed. Once their love is exposed, the difficult relationship between the locals and asylum seekers explodes with catastrophic consequences. Will both parties manage to bury the hatchet before Christmas and finally work together to save Remy and Juliyat?

Remy and Juliyat is a modern day Romeo and Juliet. A story about loyalty, betrayal and the ability to see potential in everyone. A heart-warming and youth-driven drama where love conquers all in the end.

Production Status CompletedOriginal Title Remy en JuliyatDuration 90'Duration Episodes 20 x 10'Genre Christmas Country of Origin NetherlandsProduction Year 2019Director Tessa SchramCast Bas Keizer, Sonia Eijken, Kees Geel, Tess Sleijpen, Bilal El Mehdi Wahib a.oProducer Kaja Wolffers, Sabine Brian for NL FilmProduction Company NL Film