ZDF takes Mr Twister film franchise

ZDF takes Mr Twister film franchise

EXCLUSIVE: SKOOP Media Global Entertainment sells German-speaking rights and secures additional French deal.

At the start of Berlin’s EFM (Feb 5-13), SKOOP Media Global Entertainment has concluded a deal with ZDF for its Mr Twister film franchise.

ZDF is to take German-speaking European rights to a package of three Mr Twister films. The deal was confirmed by SKOOP Media CEO Pim van Collem.

Mr Twister, based on a successful series of kids’ books, has been a box office hit in Benelux. Each film has sold 600,000 tickets at the box office.

The series has now also been sold to Family Films in France. Both deals were finalized at the market.

In Berlin, SKOOP Media is also beginning to roll out Dummie the Mummy. This film series is a co-production with Nickelodeon. The first Dummie the Mummy has been licensed to Beta Film Europe for a total of six territories.

Meanwhile, production company PV Pictures is now preparing Dummie the Mummy and the Sphinx of Shakaba for a Christmas 2015 release. SKOOP Media presented to buyers at AFM last November.

SKOOP Media has also sold its thriller Reckless to Artsploitation films in the US.

The company is bringing six new titles to EFM. These include family adventure Jack’s Wish, and action comedy Homies, which opened to strong box office in the Netherlands last month.

Launched in 2012, SKOOP Media Global Entertainment is a specialized world sales and licensing company, based in Holland, focused on marketing and selling family films, thrillers and TV drama series.