Screen Daily: SKOOP Media raises ‘Dummie the Mummy’ sequel

Screen Daily: SKOOP Media raises ‘Dummie the Mummy’ sequel

EXCLUSIVE: SKOOP Media Global Entertainment (DFGE) is to begin pre-sales in Cannes on a Dummie the Mummy sequel.

Dummie The Mummy And The Sphinx Of Shakaba is the sequel to the runaway box-office hit in the Netherlands, which has also sold to many territories internationally.

Like its predecessor, the new film is idrected by Pim van Hoeve and produced by PV Pictures.

In Cannes, DFGE will be screening the first footage from Dummie the Mummy and the Sphinx of Shakaba. The film will be released in the Netherlands in early December 2015 by Entertainment One.

In this sequel Dummie, the little living mummy, realises he will never grow up to become a real Pharaoh, and decides he wants to be famous instead – just as famous as his father, the great Pharaoh, 4,000 years ago. His best friend Gus and his dad are worried: a famous living mummy is asking for trouble.

Also new on DFGE’s slate is Michiel ten Horn’s The Peter Pan Man, thriller Undercover from Boris Paval Conen, Israeli action thriller Suicide and family adventure Kidnap from leading Dutch production outfit Topkapi Films.

SKOOP Media Global Entertainment, headed by CEO Pim van Collem, is a sales outfit based in the Netherlands. Its slate runs the gamut from family films and thrillers to TV dramas