Major international attention for series Van Gogh; a home for Vincent at MIPTV

Major international attention for series Van Gogh; a home for Vincent at MIPTV

Major international attention for the successful drama series at MIPTV: Van Gogh; a home for Vincent sold to seven countries.


The successful EO-broadcast drama series ‘Van Gogh: a home for Vincent’ has been sold to seven countries during this years MIP-TV by Producer Endemol Nederland and film sales company, SKOOP Media Global Entertainment. The original four-part series will soon be shown South Korea, Germany, Italy, former Yugoslavia, Slovenia, Lithuania and Taiwan.

In each of these seven countries the form in which the series can be shown varies: in South Korea the original four-part series is to be screened in digital movie theatres as a special 100-minute film entitled ‘The Van Gogh Legacy’, while former Yugoslavia and Slovenia will broadcast the series in four episodes on television. Other countries are also expressing great interest in the drama series which was broadcast by the EO in the Spring of 2013; captivating over a million viewers weekly.

‘Van Gogh: a home for Vincent’ tells the story of perhaps Holland’s most famous painter; Vincent van Gogh (played by Barry Atsma).  Although Van Gogh now enjoys worldwide fame, his life was riddled with conflict and strife.  The drama series also portrays the story of his nephew and only heir, Vincent William (played by Jeroen Krabbé).  Almost 70 years after the death of his famous uncle, Vincent William struggles with the burden of his legacy: the Van Gogh Collection. A collection which eventually finds a home.

About Endemol Nederland Mediagroep:
Endemol Nederland Mediagroep (ENMG) is the largest tv producer in the Netherlands, also developing, innovating, producing and exploiting content for digital and mobile platforms. ENMG is the Dutch branch of Endemol, the largest independent television and digital media production company in the world. It comprises a global network of around 90 companies in more than 30 countries and is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The company annually produces over 350 series across genres, including entertainment, reality TV, game shows, comedy, drama, sport, kids programming, factual, docu-dramas and features.

About SKOOP Media Global Entertainment:
The leading Dutch film agent : “SKOOP Media Global Entertainment”  was established by film distribution veteran, Pim van Collem as an international licensing and producers’ representation company aimed at marketing and licensing high concept European feature films and mini-­‐series to international distributors, networks and studios. Since its formation, SKOOP Media has established successful working relationships and co-­‐productions with leading European companies such as, Constantin Film and  TV, Global Screen International , Endemol Entertainment, PV Pictures, Content Television and Digital, Palatin Media and Topkapi Films.