SKOOP Media strikes public broadcasting deal for Germany for comedy series Floor Rules

SKOOP Media strikes public broadcasting deal for Germany for comedy series Floor Rules

Seasons one and two sold to Studio Hamburg Enterprise, to be broadcast on ARD/ZDF youth channel KIKA.

The Netherlands-based sales outlet SKOOP Media Global Entertainment has closed a distribution deal with Studio Hamburg Enterprises for German-speaking territories for the comedy series Floor Rules, produced by NL Film and public broadcaster VPRO. The series is scheduled to be broadcast in Germany on the ARD/ZDF youth channel KIKA starting in autumn 2019 and is also set for a DVD release. The deal includes seasons 1 and 2, with season 2 currently in production.

Season 1 of Floor Rules, which follows the fun and anarchic adventures of ten-year-old Floor and the helpful rules she invents to navigate everyday life, was broadcast in its home territory the Netherlands in spring 2018 with an average market share of 40% per week in the category 3-12 years. The series also gathered a lot of online attention for garnering 100,000 unique page views per week and making it into the weekly top 10 of most watched programs online in the Netherlands several times. In addition, Floor Rules is the only youth series selected for inclusion in the main competition for Best Television Drama at the Netherlands Film Festival (27 September – 5 October)

Pim van Collem, CEO of SKOOP Media: “We are delighted about the positive response we received from KIKA from the first moment they saw the series. The humor, originality and familiarity of Floor’s observations seem to strike a chord outside of the Netherlands as well. In addition, Studio Hamburg was keen on acquiring the second season in advance, while still in production this summer, which is quite unique and shows the trust of the German-language channel in the quality of the Dutch production and its characters.”

 About the series

Floor Rules is based on the successful book of the same name by Marjon Hoffman. In sixteen episodes the viewer follows the stubborn Floor and her family. Floor is a ten-year-old girl who finds it very helpful to make up rules for the crazy world around her. These rules give her the answers to the most important questions in the life of a young girl, such as: How do you deal with an obnoxious brother? What do you do if you receive the ugliest jacket in the world as a gift? What if your best friend gets sick with impetigo and you want it too? And why is carp fishing such a guy’s thing? Floor has experienced all of these awkward situations and dilemmas and she’s ready to share her knowledge with the world.

The series is directed by award-winning director Maurice Trouwborst (Zenith) and stars Bobbie Mulder as Floor and Ole Kroes as her brother Kees. Father Jan is played by Ferdi Stofmeel and mother Irma by Elisa Beuger. Marjon Hoffman and Lotte Tabbers wrote the script.



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